Investor Relations

Our Strategy

EGCO is a leading player in the Thai electricity market with the ability and determination to move quickly on good opportunities. EGCO benefits from its strong shareholder base which includes two premier strategic investors. Our strategy is to continue building our position through sound investments in the energy sectors of the Thai and other high growth ASEAN markets.

EGCO is a leading integrated energy player.

  • In Thailand, we have a market share of 12% nationwide in electricity generation and over 90% in operations and maintenance (O&M) for private market players.
  • Full integration reduces our costs and boosts our revenue.

EGCO can move fast when opportunities are identified.

  • Our low D/E ratio and solid cash flow allow us to move faster than our competitors to take full advantage of new opportunities.

EGCO has a diversified shareholder base and benefits from strategic partnerships.

  • Our wide shareholder base means that we are not controlled by one or few parties.
  • We draw on the advantages of both state owned and private enterprises.
  • As a private enterprise, we can put the concerns of our shareholders first.
  • We have strong relationships with strategic partners such as EGAT, Mitsubishi and TEPCO.
  • Our partners contribute in valuable expertise, reduced costs and know-how to our company.

EGCO seeks to expand its market share in Thailand and ASEAN.

  • We are constantly expanding market share through developing and acquiring IPP projects in Thailand and the ASEAN region.
  • We invest in well-structured projects taking into consideration our areas of expertise and the projects’ economies of scale with an acceptable return and risk profile.